The factory is OUT OF CONTROL our sorting machine is sending our explosive products everywhere!

Until we can get this fixed, it's your job to sort it out!

What We Make

We are an explosives factory, our products will EXPLODE if they come into contact with each other.

Input and Output

Direct our products from our producers to our trucks for delivery.


Our products will move along these conveyors after every turn.

Click and Drag conveyors from the top area onto the factory to replace conveyors you don't want.


The factory will stop working after too few deliveries. That means GAME OVER!

You can only make a few moves per turn, so think carefully.

Good Luck Have Fun and don't forget to RATE!

Thanks :)

Developer's Notes

We were really looking to give the player an impression that things were spiraling out of control when they played our game. We built this premise into the way our game builds up from tutorial as well as how the machine keeps changing itself as the products move.


Visit us at our website!


Chaos Factory - Windows 25 MB


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Great presentation! I found the RNG was not in my favour and I spent a lot of time burning turns.  I like the idea though, would love to see more!